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APCASO and ACT! AP at the 50th UNION Conference on Lung Health: Towards a more inclusive space for TB activists

The 50th UNION Conference has rounded up in Hyderabad, India. Being a major global conference on tuberculosis, the UNION brought together researchers, policy makers, programmers, and activists from around the globe. They met to talk about ending TB and other and lung diseases, share insights, and meet the ambitious targets to eliminate TB by 2030. Though the Conference has been dominated by the medical professions in the past, it has progressively opened up to more diverse groups and constituencies. This year, the conference saw a relatively higher participation of activists and representatives from the most affected by TB, and survivors of the disease. It was also observed that more community-related sessions have been accepted at the Conference, a confirmation from the UNION that things are changing with regards to the TB response. More of the agenda has also been dedicated to the intersections of human rights, community, and innovations in closing the gaps in TB service delivery and adherence. Also, for the first time, TB survivors met ahead of the conference during the Survivors Summit, to share their respective sessions at the UNION, and identify pressing issues in preparation for the Conference. APCASO and ACT! AP were also given the chance to speak and lead a number of sessions, including facilitating a community consultation organized by the WHO Civil Society Task Force, and co-organising sessions with partners. A number...

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High-level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage – A Promise of Universal Access to Health for All?

As the dusk settled in New York after the United Nations General Assembly took place in late September, the world enters in its final decade before the Sustainable Development Goals is expected to be realized. Among these goals is SDG 3, particularly 3.8 that commits to: “Achieve universal health coverage (UHC), including financial risk protection, access to quality essential health-care services and access to safe, effective, quality and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all.” As such, the UN High Level Meeting (HLM) on UHC was held along with other equally important High-Level Meeting that week, with the Climate Action Summit and the High-Level Forum on Financing for Development taking place that same week. Admittedly, the framing of the Political Declaration revolves around the SDG target, but also intends to provide a comprehensive answer to health-related issues, and hence to put an end to the procession of health-related HLMs. Since the UN General Assembly Special Session on AIDS in 2001, Member States and other actors realized the power in leveraging a High-Level political process to demand political leadership, to call for increased international cooperation and funding, and to mobilize communities to ensure that there is accountability in these processes. While the AIDS epidemic continues to be a highly relevant agenda until today (essentially given the increasing and resurging epidemics in some countries, especially in Asia and the Pacific), countries...

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The Asia Pacific Community, Rights and Gender Communication and Coordination Platform (APCRG) 2019 Partners Meeting was held in Bangkok, Thailand on 18-19 June 2019. Hosted by APCASO, APCRG is an initiative of the Global Fund Community, Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative (CRG SI). Over 40 participants from 12 countries around the region, representing national and regional HIV, TB and malaria key populations and civil society (CS) networks and organisations took part in the meeting. The participants ranged from Global Fund principle recipient (PR), sub and sub-sub recipient (SR and SSR), Vice-Chair and key populations (KP) and CS representative to...

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FROM GUIDELINES TO THE BOTTOMLINE : Assessing the Inclusion of Community, Rights and Gender priorities in Global Fund concept notes in Asia and the Pacific

This report was commissioned by APCASO in its capacity as the Asia-Pacific Platform on Community, Rights and Gender. The project was developed with funding support from the UNAIDS Technical Support Facility (TSF) Asia-Pacific.   This report was conducted as part of Global Fund’s Community, Rights and Gender (CRG) Special Initiative – to assess the extent to which CRG priorities have been incorporated into requests for Global Fund grants and how they might be better included in future funding rounds. It examines HIV, malaria, and TB funding requests for the period between 2014-2017 from seven Asia-Pacific countries and one regional...

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