Our Strategy Paper

APCASO has come a long way in the last five years, and our experience during this period has deepened our conviction, and broadened our ambition, because we know what can be achieved with a clear vision, passion, hard work, strong partnerships, and a love of what we do.

This strategic plan brings together our clearer sense of who we are, what we want, and how we will get there. APCASO is a regional civil society network organisation that serves as a catalytic platform for advocacy and community systems strengthening for health, social justice, gender transformation, and human rights for key, vulnerable and marginalised communities in Asia and the Pacific. We envision just, equitable, and inclusive societies that respect, fulfil, and advance the rights for all, thereby enabling equitable access to health, development, and social justice. Our mission is to work towards this vision by bringing together and supporting communities and civil society organisations to advocate and to strengthen community systems to secure health, human rights and social justice for key, vulnerable and marginalised communities.

For its 2021-2030, APCASO will focus on five areas for change:

  1. Social Justice
  2. Improved Health Outcomes
  3. Grow and Sustain Health & Rights Financing
  4. Community Systems Strengthening
  5. Strengthen the Movement