The Community, Rights and Gender Technical Assistance (CRG TA) Program was created to help civil society and community organisations and networks make sure that barriers related to human rights and gender are addressed by Global Fund grants.
How the APCRG can help you along the TA process
Who can apply to the CRG TA Program?

Local or national civil society networks and organisations

Local or national networks and organisations of people affected by the disease (e.g. key populations, women, youth, PLHIV, TB-affected communities and/or malaria-affected communities)

CCMs if they collaborate with the other groups for both development and submission of the application

When can I apply?

The program was reformed and you can now access CRG TA at any stage of the grant, including grant implementation. The program also supports community engagement in sustainability and transition planning (STC) or other Global Fund processes like National Strategic Plan (NSP) development.

What type of technical assistance can I request?

You can apply for the CRG TA Program for projects linked to:

Situational analysis and needs assessments (including gender assessments)

Engagement in the country dialogue

Supporting program design

Supporting oversight and monitoring of grant implementation and re-programming

Engagement in sustainability and transition strategies

This means that Technical Assistance for advocacy or institutional strengthening cannot be provided through the CRG TA program.

Who provides the CRG TA?

The CRG Department at the Global Fund Secretariat has pre-approved 25 TA providers. You can ask for a specific provider from the list in your application, but the CRG Department takes the final decision.

How can I apply?

To apply, you need to download the application form by clicking this link. Fill it out and send the form to [email protected].

Alternatively, you may also contact the APCRG Platform at [email protected] (platform management), [email protected] (coordination), or [email protected] (communications).

Who will provide the technical assistance?

A number of civil society and key population networks have been prequalified by the Global Fund to deliver the assistance. While the TA provider may not be from the region, in most cases (if appropriate) an Asia-Pacific provider will be sourced.

The following is a list of pre-qualified CRG TA providers (with those that have * from Asia-Pacific):

African Men for Sexual Health and Rights (AMSHeR)

AIDS & Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (ARASA)

AIDS Strategy, Advocacy and Policy (ASAP)

Alliance India*

Alliance Technical Assistance Centre – International Charitable Foundation (ATACICF)

International HIV/AIDS Alliance



Asia Catalyst*


Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO)*

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC)

Community Leadership and Action Collaborative (CLAC) – a collaboration between GNP+, GATE, NSWP, INPUD, and IRGT

Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM)


International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)

International Council of AIDS Service Organisations (ICASO)



Moldovan Institute for Human Rights (IDOM)

Nai Zindagi

Networking HIV & AIDS Community of Southern Africa (NACOSA)


Speak Up Africa

The Union

(Also available in Khmer)

Contact your CCM, FPM, or UNAIDS

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