Accessing Technical Support for CRG

The Global Fund has established a technical assistance mechanism to support initiatives by civil society, communities, and key populations to integrate CRG-related interventions in their disease programmes.

What is the Community, Rights and Gender Technical Assistance Programme?

The Global Fund’s Communities, Rights and Gender (CRG) Technical Assistance (TA) Programme provides support for HIV, TB and malaria focused civil society and community organisations to meaningfully engage in the GF new funding model processes from the onset. Global Fund CRG TA includes assistance during the development of HIV, TB and malaria National Strategic Plans, situational analysis and planning, country dialogues, and country concept note development. It aims to advance community centred, rights-based and gender transformative Global Fund programming and support grants that better reflect and respond to the needs and priorities of the people affected by the three diseases.

Who is eligible for CRG TA?

Community groups/networks, civil society organisations (CSOs) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from Global Fund eligible countries can submit requests to the CRG TA programme. CSOs and NGOs involved in the development of regional Global Fund concept notes may also apply for support from the programme. These include but are not limited to:

  • Community groups/networks, CSOs and NGOs working on at least one of the three GF focused diseases;
  • Organisations, groups and networks of people living with one of the three diseases;
  • Organisations, groups and networks of key populations (as defined by the GF) from one of the three diseases;
  • Women’s and young people’s groups, networks and organisations;
  • CRG focused groups and organisations working in any or all of the three diseases.

Requests for TA can be submitted directly by an organisation and on an individual basis. Applications from Country Coordination Mechanism will be considered if developed and submitted in collaboration with one of the above groups.

CRG TA requests are ideally coordinated with and supported by CCMs. Where such coordination or support is not feasible, requests for TA explaining the situation with the CCM will still be considered.

When can the CRG TA be accessed?

CRG TA can be requested PRIOR to grant signing. This covers technical assistance to engage effectively during National Strategic Plan processes, concept note development, and grant writing. Requests for assistance once a grant has been signed (e.g. during grant implementation) are not eligible for CRG TA programme support.

Can CRG technical assistance be accessed during Global Fund implementation?

Currently, no. However, other sources of support – from other technical assistance providers – may be accessed at this time.

We encourage you to contact APCASO to put you in touch with other technical assistance providers who may be able to provide this additional assistance.

What activities can be supported by the CRG Technical Assistance Programme?

Here are examples of activities that can be supported:

  • Situation analysis and needs assessment: including translation of GF documents into local languages, gender assessments, legal assessments, community systems strengthening (CSS) needs, and community validation of key population data.
  • Community engagement to strengthen knowledge of GF processes, community caucusing, training and mentoring community concept note writers, translation of community submissions for the CCM, training on effective programming, legal literacy and advocacy strategies for the purpose of concept note development and facilitation of the concept note review.
  • Supporting consultation processes that aim to identify, design, plan and budget programmes and interventions for inclusion in concept note, with a particular focus on community, human rights and gender and key populations in all three diseases.
  • Facilitating a concept note review among civil society, community organisations, and key population networks to identify gaps and propose appropriate interventions for inclusion.
What cannot be supported by the TA Programme?
  • CCM strengthening and capacity-building
  • Long-term capacity-building for CSOs
  • Concept Note writing
Who will provide the technical assistance?

A number of civil society and key population networks have been prequalified by the Global Fund to deliver the assistance. While the TA provider may not be from the region, in most cases (if appropriate) an Asia-Pacific provider will be sourced.

APCASO is a qualified CRG TA provider for the CRG TA Program. Other TA providers from the region include: Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO); Asia Pacific Community Action & Partnership (APCAP); and, Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health (APCOM).

How can groups submit a CRG technical assistance request to the Global Fund?

To apply for CRG TA, complete the brief application form (Download here). Fill out the form and email it to A representative from CRG will be in touch with you within two weeks.

The strengths of your application will be considered against the following criteria:

  • All other avenues for accessing technical assistance have been explored.
  • Country dialogue and concept note development process timelines.

An approved application will commence within approximately two (2) months of the application being approved.

More information are available here, or send us an email for your inquiries.