The UHC that we want and need: before, during, and post-pandemics

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates and magnifies the gaps in country health systems, as well as the vulnerabilities to the disproportionate impact of health emergencies of certain populations and communities brought about by social inequities, gender inequalities, and the inability to exercise one’s human rights. Without deliberate mitigation, post- COVID-19 pandemic will see poor and marginalized communities pushed deeper into poverty and further into the margins.

We are thrilled to share with you this advocacy brief : THE UHC THAT WE WANT AND NEED – BEFORE, DURING AND POST-PANDEMICS that captures recommendations in framing pandemic and post-pandemic responses that are community-centered, rights-affirmative, and gender-transformative. This brief is part of the series published by APCASO with funding support from UNFPA APRO and in partnership with our country partners. A virtual dialogue was conducted with experts and relevant stakeholders to generate discussion and recommendations that are reflected in this advocacy brief.