Investment Framework (IF) toolkits

These Investment Framework (IF) toolkits advocate for immediate and short-term investment on evidence-based HIV programs for key populations to reduce the long-term cost of the epidemic.

IF101: Key information on the HIV Investment Framework

The HIV Investment Framework (IF) is a model for HIV/AIDS investment and prioritisation for maximum impact. The IF advocates for a short term increase in HIV funding in order to reduce funding requirements over the longer term. IF is fundamental to reaching universal access and potentially ending AIDS in this generation.

Download the Investment Framework toolkit here.


River Rescue Role-play: Explaining the HIV Investment Framework concepts through a role-playing game

The River Rescue Role-play has been developed by APCASO to facilitate community understanding of the HIV Investment Framework (IF) concepts and principles. This role-play supplements ‘IF101: Key information on the HIV Investment Framework’ which distils IF information for key populations and civil society.

Download the toolkit here.