Global Fund releases Eligibility List 2019

Global Fund releases its 2019 Eligibility List based on eligibility criteria:

  • Income classification (based on World Bank [Atlas Method]) with classifications Low Income Countries (LICs), Lower-Middle Income Countries (LMICs), and UpperMiddle Income Countries (UMICs)
  • Disease Burden (from WHO and UNAIDS)
  • Transition Funding (wherein one additional allocation period following the change of eligibility will be taken into consideration for existing grants)

From Asia and the Pacific, only Nauru has a change in its classification to an Upper Middle-Income (UMI) country, making it non-eligible for Global Fund funding. However, because its HIV and AIDS and TB burden are considered ‘HIGH’, this will determine Nauru’s eligibility for the next allocation period.

Please note that this list is for information only since 2019 is a non-allocation year. The 2020 Eligibility List will determine which country components will be eligible for the 2020-2022 allocation period.

For more information, visit The Global Fund website.