The Global Fund Strategy is a multi-year reference for the Fund’s strategic direction, setting out priorities for how it supports responses against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria and contribute to improving global health. More than halfway through the Strategy 2017-2022, the Global Fund has now started the process for developing the next Strategy. 

The importance of the new Strategy cannot be overemphasized: Global Fund is the biggest multilateral funding source for HIV, TB, and malaria; it has placed, and funded, community, rights, and gender (CRG) approaches as cornerstone essential elements of effective responses against the three diseases. In the Strategy 2017-2022, “Promote and protect human rights,” and “build resilient and sustainable systems for health” figure as two out of the four highest strategic objectives set, and this has been due in main part to the strong advocacy by communities and civil society, including from the Asia-Pacific region, in the strategy development processes then. The next Strategy will, same as the previous ones, impact on the lives of key, vulnerable and marginalised communities which the Global Fund was built to serve. It is crucial, and but right, that these communities are supported to weigh in and help shape this upcoming and all other future strategies of the Global Fund. 

The Global Fund has launched its online Strategy Open Consultation from 29 May 2020 and “strongly encourage all stakeholders to contribute to this open consultation by identifying the most pressing challenges and opportunities in the fight against the three diseases; building resilient and sustainable systems for health; promoting and protecting human rights and gender equality; and mobilizing resources. We also want your views as to how these priorities are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and broader changes in the health and development landscape.” The consultation presents a series of framing questions to be addressed by any interested respondent onsite, or emailed in various languages to the Global Fund. Input received through the open consultation will inform discussions and decision-making by the Global Fund’s Strategy Committee and Board. The Global Fund Secretariat will consolidate input received through the open consultation and post periodic updates of stakeholder feedback on its webpage. The final strategy document will be approved by the Board at the end of 2021. 

For its part, APCASO – as a regional network of health, rights and social justice community and civil society organisations working to advance the rights of communities most in need, and as the host of the Asia-Pacific Community, Rights, and Gender (APCRG) communication and coordination platform for the Global Fund – is taking the lead in supporting effective community and civil society engagement and input in the strategy development process from the region. 

Below is an outline of the objectives, strategies, and activities to be rolled out by APCASO related to the development of the new Global Fund Strategy. All these are planned to be done in collaboration with APCASO in-country community and civil society partners, and regional HIV, TB, and malaria key population or advocacy networks. 

Engagement plan objectives 

Overall, the APCASO/APCRG engagement plan aims to support effective engagement and input of Asia-Pacific community and civil society in the development of the new Global Fund Strategy. With the engagement plan, APCASO/APCRG specifically aims to: 

  • Support dissemination and utilisation by Asia-Pacific communities and civil society of information on or related to the Global Fund strategy development
  • Facilitate in-country and regional level community and civil society mobilisation, organising, and consultations leading to strengthened inputs into the Strategy
  • Lead the development of a regional community and civil society positions statement on the topic



The E.T. will consist of representatives of country and regional HIV, TB, and malaria community and civil society networks who commit to contributing to the shaping and implementation of the engagement plan, especially to ensure country-level constituencies are supported to effectively input to the development of the new Strategy. APCASO/APCRG shall convene and coordinate the E.T. – facilitating online planning meetings for the whole group, and convening in-person meetings for key community and CS networks in Bangkok. 


This will include regular sharing of curated information on the Strategy development process from the Global Fund related, as well as development of various region-specific community and civil society info-guides to support effective engagement. APCASO will work with country partners and technical agencies to translate as much as possible key selected documents in various Asia-Pacific country languages. 


APCASO shall support its community and civil society partners in developing country-level consultations or other processes to collect input into the Global Fund 2023+ Strategy, particularly to reach those that otherwise will not be able to respond directly to the Global Fund’s Open Consultation due to language, wireless connection, or other challenges. 

A regional webinar planned in July will aim to inform as broad a base of community and civil society partners about the Global Fund Open Consultation and the Asia-Pacific Engagement Plan. This is envisioned to encourage partners to engage in the process, directly or through the county mobilisations led by their peers. 

The OUTPUTS, by 1 September 2020 

All the above processes will form the basis of the region’s community and civil society inputs into the Global Fund Strategy 2023+ development process. In particular, by September 1 (closing date for collecting first round of collecting inputs by the Global Fund), two documents are planned to be submitted to the Global Fund as outputs of this Engagement Plan: (1) Asia-Pacific and Communities and Civil Society Positions Statement, (2) consolidated communities and civil society inputs into the 2023+ Strategy from the country consultations. 

Beyond September 2020 

APCASO/APCRG will support Asia-Pacific community and civil society engagement through to the Partnership Forums in late 2020, and the approval of the final Strategy by the Global Fund Board in late 2021. Plans post- September 2020 will be developed with the E.T. as more information from the Global Fund Secretariat on the process also becomes available. 


Watch this page as we provide more details on how you can engage in the Global Fund Strategy Development process!

In the mean time, the Global Fund has recently launched a Strategy Open Consultation on its website. The first round of input received by 1 September 2020 will be reviewed by the Global Fund Board’s Strategy Committee in October 2020.