Here’s the Global Fund directory of CCM officials, members, and secretariats; Global Fund Fund Portfolio Managers (FPMs); and UNAIDS Country Offices from the Asia and the Pacific region. For the schedules of country dialogues and other CCM activities, you may direct your inquiries to your CCM secretariats, Chair (or Co-Chair), or their designated focal points.

Learn more about the CCM here, or go to our Community Starter Kit to get more information about the Global Fund and how you can advocate for key populations, human rights, and gender equality in your country’s HIV, TB, and malaria disease programmes. 

Bangladesh       CCM FPM UNAIDS
Bhutan           CCM FPM UNAIDS
Cambodia         CCM FPM UNAIDS
India            CCM FPM UNAIDS
Indonesia        CCM FPM UNAIDS
Malaysia         CCM FPM UNAIDS
Mongolia         CCM FPM UNAIDS  
Myanmar          CCM FPM UNAIDS
Nepal                CCM FPM UNAIDS
Pakistan             CCM FPM UNAIDS
Papua New Guinea     CCM FPM UNAIDS
Philippines          CCM FPM UNAIDS
Solomon Islands      CCM FPM UNAIDS
Sri Lanka            CCM FPM UNAIDS
Thailand             CCM FPM UNAIDS
Timor Leste          CCM FPM UNAIDS
Viet Nam             CCM FPM UNAIDS
Regional and multicountry grants
East Asia and Pacific (APN+)                 FPM
HIV Southeast Asia (AFAO)
Regional Artemisinin Initiative (RAI)
South Asia (India HIV/AIDS Alliance)
 FPM TB Asia (UNDP)   FPM TB Elimination Among Migrants (TEAM) (UNOPS) FPM Western Pacific FPM
Engaging in Global Fund processes can be challenging for civil society organisations, community groups, and key population networks. Here are some resources and tools to help you get ready.