As global health and development priorities shift from the MDGs to the Sustainable Development Goals, universal health coverage is seen to be a viable financing vehicle to support services and programs that aim to address some of the ‘unfinished businesses’ of the MDGs – HIV, TB, and malaria.

The Community Consultation Meeting on UHC aims to: 

  1. Improve understanding of Universal Health Coverage as an emerging health financing approach for key HIV, TB, and malaria programs;
  2. Provide a platform to assess  UHC-financed HIV, TB, or malaria interventions, especially if they are inclusive of the people living with the disease and key populations and communities affected by or vulnerable to the three diseases;
  3. Develop a set of recommendations from the civil society to make UHCs more inclusive as an HIV, TB, and malaria financing mechanism

The results of the meeting will feed into APCASO’s discussion paper on Universal Health Coverage.