The Asia-Pacific Platform on Communities, Rights, and Gender (APCRG) is one the regional CRG coordination platforms established through the Global Fund CRG Special Initiative to facilitate greater awareness among civil society, communities, and key populations of the Global Fund and its processes, and what mechanisms are available to promote the inclusion of CRG-related interventions in country responses for HIV, TB, and malaria.

As host of the APCRG, APCASO is engaging key stakeholders in HIV, TB, and malaria in the Asia-Pacific region to give emphasis to CRG issues and to facilitate the sharing of up-to-date content and resources that will enable civil society, communities and key populations to promote inclusion of CRG-related interventions in disease programmes.


We have developed tools and resources for the APCRG subsite:

  • Unpacking the current Funding Model of the Global Fund, its key features and key players
  • The different stages in Global Fund funding application and implementation, and how they can be maximised for CRG
  • A self-diagnostic tool for CRG needs and priorities
  • FAQs on engaging the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM), a platform with critical role under the current Funding Model
The APCRG subsite

We have designated a specific section in our website for content about the Global Fund and CRG produced specifically for civil society organisations, community groups, and key population networks. We will soon distribute resources and materials in major Asian languages targeted for Global Fund-eligible countries in the region.