APCASO is collaborating with the Malaria Civil Society Platform and other stakeholders to deliver a short-term technical assistance programme to malaria civil society groups in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region. Supported by the Global Fund Community, Rights, and Gender (CRG) Special Initiative, the regional TA Programme (called “APCASO Malaria TAP”) aims to support civil society groups in the malaria GMS response to advocate for community-centered, rights-based, and gender-transformative regional and national malaria programmes.

The TA Programme is aligned with the Regional Artemisinin Initiative (RAI) grant and covers Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. It aims to ensure that social determinants of the malaria epidemic and the inclusion of key and vulnerable populations are addressed in regional and national malaria programmes. It also hopes to facilitate greater civil society involvement and meaningful participation in the design and delivery of interventions to eliminate malaria.

The specific objectives of the TA Programme are:

  1. Increasing meaningful representation and inclusion of civil society and community voices in Global Fund processes in relation to malaria within and across the RAI countries;
  2. Enhancing the understanding and analysis of CRG issues in the context of malaria; and
  3. Facilitating the inclusion of community-centered, rights-based, and gender-transformative interventions within regional and country Global Fund-supported malaria programmes.

The regional activities include supporting the Malaria Civil Society Platform in its role as an advocacy platform, especially on CRG-related issues, and to provide assistance to the CS Platform partners as they engage in the processes to design and submit of the next regional malaria Global Fund funding request. APCASO also aims to develop a regional malaria CRG knowledgebase to improve awareness on CRG issues and Global Fund processes among malaria civil society organisations and other stakeholders. At the country level, APCASO will also work with members of the Malaria Civil Society Platform to conduct in-country malaria civil society and community CRG workshops and to deliver mentoring and support for civil society engagement in GF country processes.