Global Fund-eligible countries have already started their funding request processes, and we have listed below when they are expected to submit their funding requests for each disease component.

There are three windows to submit applications for this year: March 20, May 23, August 28. Countries with active grants that are closing by the end of 2017 must submit their application this year to ensure no disruption in essential HIV services.

We have listed below the expected funding request submission dates of Global Fund-eligible countries in the Asia-Pacific region, their allocation amounts, and the “application approach” that they will follow.

The Regional Arteminisin Resistance Initiative (RAI) covers the malaria country allocations of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam, and the additional resources from the Catalytic Investment funding stream for malaria.

Approaches in funding application and review

For the 2017-2019 Allocation Period, eligible countries will no submit one-size-fits-all “Concept Notes.” The Global Fund is following a differentiation framework in application process and review to tailor them to country contexts and needs.

There are three application and review approaches, each one having distinct application materials:

Program continuation – This approach has a shorter funding application process and a substantially fewer application materials. A country component will take this approach if the Global Fund secretariat and the CCM, in separate evaluations using a separate set of criteria, has determined that there is no “material change” in the country disease programme. Funding requests that are under this mode will only go through Technical Review Panel (TRP) validation, and not a full review, and will proceed directly to grant-making phase.

Tailored approach – The application materials and the review process are determined by specific contexts: if there are material changes in defined programmatic areas; if a country component is transitioning out of Global Fund support; if a country is categorised as a challenging operating environment; or if funding requests present learning opportunities, such as pilots  for direct funding of National Strategic Plans or  innovative financing. The review process will also be based on these contexts. For example, if a country is recommended for a tailored approach because it is transitioning out of the Global Fund, then the review from the TRP will focus on transition preparedness.

Full proposal and full review –  Funding requests go through standard procedures and review. The majority of countries that constitute the world’s disease burden and with the highest Global Fund investment (or those classified as “High Impact” countries) are recommended to follow this approach.

Country Dialogues

Countries that are submitting funding requests during the first window (March 20 submission date) should have conducted their country dialogues already. Note that regardless of the application approach, CCMs are still required to hold country dialogues prior to their funding request submission.

The Global Fund funding process has evolved in a few other ways, but don’t panic – go to APCRG’s Global Fund and CRG Community Starter Kit to understand these changes.

(Photo credit: Global Fund’s Facebook page)