The Stop TB Partnership has launched a series of briefs on TB key populations that highlight the profile and needs of populations that are higher risk of TB infection.

The Global Plan to End TB 2016-2020 focuses on the need to engage key populations, as well as the collective responsibility of protecting vulnerable people from TB. The briefs support the initiative hermes wide enamel bracelet replica
to develop country and regional specific key populations lists, and identify interventions to meet the needs of these key populations. The Global Plan recommends an operational target of reaching hermes birkin at least 90% of the key populations access to services, systematic screening, active new case-finding methods hermes bracelet – and providing people with effective and affordable treatment and care.

In consultation with key populations and civil society, the list includes children, miners, mobile populations, people who use drugs, prisoners, rural populations and urban populations. These groups, in addition to people living with HIV, need to be at the centre of the TB response.

See the full list of briefs at

(Photo courtesy hermes belt buckle
of UNOPS/Sailendra Kharel)