The Asia-Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance (APLMA) held hermes bracelets the Malaria Week last May in Bangkok, Thailand, which brought together senior officials and representatives from National Malaria Programmes from 22 Asia-Pacific countries, including representatives from private sector and donors and advocates from civil society.

Civil society held a preparatory and advocacy meetings focusing on the RAI initiative, with support and leadership cheap hermes belt from a number of partners, particularly Global Fund Advocates Network Asia-Pacific and Raks Thai Foundation Suratthani. The meetings provided an opportunity to  strengthen further the newly established RAI countries Malaria Civil Society Platform. In this meetings, APCASO, host of APCRG, expressed its continuing support to provide technical assistance to the civil society platform to help it  grow into an effective and sustainable entity, representing malaria advocates, vulnerable populations and civil society in strategic locations in the region.

The civil society meeting was addressed by the Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance – APLMA Leaders Envoy Dr. Nafsiah Mboi – a champion of the HIV, and now malaria responses.  The envoy is a champion of the civil society’s role in ending the malaria epidemic.

The Envoy relayed messages from civil society to the senior leaders meeting, reminding and encouraging the latter to work more closely with civil society. Ibu Naf also invited civil society to have hermes wide enamel bracelet replica
observer seats at the Senior Officials Meeting and allowed GFAN to share its ‪#‎GlobalFundthatwewant campaign. Equally, the APLMA Secretariat, particularly Ben Rolfe and Jeff Smith, echoed Ibu Naf’s calls for increased civil society engagement by national and regional malaria responses and we are greatly appreciative of their partnership.

This was the first time that malaria civil society was invited to have access to the senior officials meeting, a first step in ensuring civil society is integrated into country and regional plans, with concrete support from governments to enable them to continue fulfilling the role that they play. APCASO, GFAN, and the malaria civil society platform, look forward to a continued relationship with APLMA, working together to eliminate malaria in the region by 2030.

(Photo courtesy of UNOPS/Sailendra Kharel)