Learn more about CRG, or “communities, rights, and gender”, and how it can improve country responses to address HIV, TB, and malaria. As the Asia-Pacific Regional Platform on CRG (APCRG), we hope to deliver to timely and relevant information and tools to promote the inclusion of CRG interventions in HIV, TB, and malaria programs.

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Launch of the Global Fund Realities on the Ground Report

This report prepared by APCASO uses survey and interview data to document successes and gaps of Global Fund programmes and related mechanisms in the Asia-Pacific in engaging civil society, affected communities and key populations. The report focuses on seven...

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Recording of APCRG Webinar #3

  Missed it? Listen to the recording of our third APCRG Webinar on the RCF 2019 Strategic Funding Opportunity If you could not tune in last week for our latest webinar, or if you missed something important, or if you just like listening to us talk, worry not! We...

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Global Fund Key Submission Dates 2020-2022

KEY SUBMISSION DATES ARE COMING UP. IS YOUR COUNTRY READY? The Global Fund has begun its funding cycle for 2020-2022 to support country-level efforts on HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. An important first step is to find out which disease components  in your...

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Global Fund Eligibility List 2020

Global Fund Eligibility List 2020

The Global Fund has updated its Eligibility List for 2020. This updated list is based on the same eligibility criteria: Income classification (based on updated 2019 World Bank classifications through the Atlas Method) with classifications Low Income Countries (LICs),...

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Essential Resources for the 2020-2022 Allocation Period

The 2020-2022 allocation period of the Global Fund is about to start. Some changes have been made since the last allocation period, which might affect what the process will look like in your country. You can already start preparing by looking at some of the resources...

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