Learn more about CRG, or “communities, rights, and gender”, and how it can improve country responses to address HIV, TB, and malaria. As the Asia-Pacific Regional Platform on CRG (APCRG), we hope to deliver to timely and relevant information and tools to promote the inclusion of CRG interventions in HIV, TB, and malaria programs.

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Join our list-serve to get access to community-friendly content on communities, rights, and gender. These include:

  • Up-to-date information on the Global Fund, especially on developments that affect civil society, communities, and key populations;
  • Resources and tools to improve awareness on CRG and enhance the inclusion of CRG-related interventions in country programs on HIV, TB, and malaria;
  • Calls for CRG-related engagements and technical assistance opportunities for civil society, communities, and key populations; and
  • Regular updates from APCRG.